Welcome to Mary's Hand That Feeds School For Dogs

So you want a good dog

Starting as soon as your puppy has had their first set of shots I provide guidance and training advice to help you and your dog start out right.

AKC STAR Puppy class is the perfect place to begin.

Look for the certifications

Anyone can say they're a dog trainer but only those with official certifications must test and abide by a Code of Ethics. You can check up on a trainer at The Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers at CCPDT.org.

Continuing Education for your best friend

Whether you need Basic or Advanced courses, want a ribbon for AKC Trick Training or amateur sports, I will help you fulfill your dog's potential.

Priced so everyone can train

It is my goal that all dog owners can enjoy and learn the best way to communicate with their pet. Knowledge is not only power but it is a bonding experience and should be affordable. 

Therapy dog Training

Are you interested in brightening the day of a child or the elderly? I can give you an honest assessment and provide the training you need to get your dog registered.

Service Dog Coaching and Emotional Support Dogs

Do you have a disability which could be helped by having a dog perform some everyday tasks for you? If you are willing to follow the rules I can help you with that.

About Us

Obedience Classes

Try an AKC STAR Puppy Class to get your new best friend off to GREAT start.

Learn Basic Obedience Skills and how to walk on leash!

Intermediate and Advanced classes are available so the sky is the limit.

Have Fun with your Dog or give them a Job

Try a Tricks Class or some Backyard Agility

Give Treibball a try!

Therapy dog classes, Canine Good Citizen and Canine Life and Social Skills give plenty of opportunity for learning.

Help with Problem Behaviors

Sometimes your dog is just not behaving the way you like. Don't feel helpless...get help.

Always working to find a way for you to communicate effectively with your pet.

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Appointments are available Mon through Weds 6pm-7pm

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